Ummeedon wali Dhoop Sunshine wali Asha: Lyrics Translation

Ummeed Wali Dhoop
Sunshine Waali Aasha
Rone Ki Wajah Kam Hain
Hansne Ke Bahane Zyada

The sunshine of hope,
the hope of sunshine..
there are lesser reasons to cry,
and more excuses to laugh..

Zid Hai Muskurayenge
Khush Rehne Ka Hai Waada

It's our obstinacy, we'll smile,
it's a promise to stay happy..

Umeed Wali Dhoop
Sunshine Waali Asha

Tum Dil Se Agar Poochhoge
Woh Khush Rehna Hi Chaahe
Jab Sachche Mann Se Maango
Toh Khul Jaati Hain Raahein
Toh Khul Ke Khushi Lutao
Ye Kya Aadha-Aadha

If you ask the heart,
if always wants to be happy
when you ask with a pure heart,
the paths are open (on their own)
so distribute joy freely,
what's this half-hearted thing..

Umeedon Wali Dhoop
Sunshine Wali Asha
Umeedon Wali Dhoop
Sunshine Wali Asha

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