Ghum Huye/ Gum Hue Lyrics English Translation (David)

Singer: Siddharth Basrur
Music: Bramfatura
Lyrics: Ankur Tewari
Movie: David

Khoyaa sa hai mera raasta
Chhoota peechhe kahin jaane kahaan kaarwan
Aur adhoori si reh gayi baat, raat aesi dhalee
In andhero mein hain hum kho gaye
Dhoondhen unhi raahon ko
Raaste jahaan khoye the hum
Ghum huye, Gum hue

My way is a kind of lost
Don't know where I have lost my caravan behind
The night went and the matter was left in between
We are lost in this dark
We look for those roads
the ways where we were lost
We are lost, we are lost

Thode se hain khali panne yahan
Dhoondhein ye sabhi syahi ki zuban
Aur khaali se hain ye khayal
In Khayalon ko..
Inhein hai bas talash sawalon ki
Dhoondhein unhi raahon ko
Sukoon bhari chhaaon ko
Guzre huye kadmon ko
Wo raste jahaan khoye the hum
Ghum hue, gum huye

There are some empty pages here
They all look for the voice of ink..
And these thoughts are a bit empty
These thought..
These thoughts are just in search for the questions
They look for those roads,
the peaceful shadow,
the passed by steps,
the paths where we were lost
We are lost, we are lost

Dhoondhe unhi rahon ko
Gum hue, gum hue..

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