Punjabiyan di battery charge rendi hai Lyrics Translation

Movie: Mere Dad ki Maruti
Music: Sachin Gupta
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Mika, Honey Singh

Aa jao on the floor,
Mundiyon te kudiyon,
Punjabi doliyaan
te botalaan vi kholiyan
Girl I got what you need,
Daru aur desi feel
Jaldi se bollo yaaron
aaj raat ka kya hai scene

Come on the floor
Boys and girls
there are Punjab's drummers
and we have opened the (beer) bottles too
Girl, I got what you need
Either it's a drink and the native feel
Oh friends, tell me quickly
what the scene for tonight is

Gaan da mauka hovay
Khan da mauka hovay
Hovay koi marriage ya fir
Koi roka-shoka hovay
Peen di capacity large rendi hai
Punjabiyaan di battery charge rendi aye
Punjabiyan di battery charge rendi hai
Chauvee ghante
Oh chauvee ghante

Whether it's an occasion to sing
or one to eat
whether it is a wedding,
or engagement etc.
Our drinking capacity is always large
Punjabis have their battery (always) charged
twenty four hours
All twenty four hours..

Hum hain sher bahaadar
Karte hain sab ka aadar
Chak dein sab de fatte
Supremo saade father
Bebe saade ghar di incharge rehndi hai

We are brave lions
We respect everyone
He keeps control of everything,
Our father, the supremo
(But) our mother remains the in charge of the house

Angreji daaru taan ji saanu chadhdi nai
Te saadi sports gaddi
red light te vi khad-di nahi
koi dramebaajji rakhde ni
Tees-saath napde ni
Large bana ek hor pila
Oye peeton thakde ni

English wines don't intoxicate us
And our sports car
doesn't even stop at the red light
We don't do any drama,
and don't count 30 and 60 (mLs, i.e. small and large pegs)
Make one more large one for us to drink
We don't get tired of drinking

Saadi rave chadhayi
Energy saadi high
Bread vich saadi yaaron
Rehndi hai duddh malai
Tumbi saadi party da
Saaj rehndi hai
Punjabiyaan di battery charge rehndi hai
Chauvi ghante

We always get success
Our energy is high
With our bread,
There is always milk and cream..
Tumbi (a musical instrument) is always
our party's beauty
Punjabis have their battery always charged
twenty four hours

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