Mujh mein tu hi tu basa: Lyrics Translation (Special 26)

Movie: Special 26
Music: MM Kreem
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Mujh mein tu, tu hi tu basaa
Nainon mein jaise khwaab sa
Jo tu na ho toh paani paani naina
Jo tu na ho to main bhi hounga main na
Tujhee se mujhe sab ataa
Mujh mein too, toohi tu basa
Naino me jaise khwaab sa

You alone are within me
in my eyes, just like a dream
If you aren't there, the eyes are all water,
If you aren't there, I won't be me
Through you only everything is blessed upon me,
You alone are within me
in my eyes, just like a dream

Ishq aashiqi mein, kuchh log chhant-ta hai
Zakhm baant-ta hai
Unhein dard baant-ta hai
Tod detaa hai khwaab saare dekhte-dekhte
Kar de barbaad sa
Jo tu na ho to paani paani naina..

Love, while loving, chooses some people
Shares wounds,
It shares the pain with them
It breaks all the dreams in a moment,
It destroys everything
If you aren't there, the eyes will weep..

Safar do qadam hai, jise ishq log kehte
Magar ishq waale, sab safar mein hi rehte
Khatam hota naa umar bhar hi ishq kaa rasta
Hai yeh behisab sa

The journey is of two steps, which is called love by people
But the ones in love just remain in the journey
The path of love doesn't end in complete life
It is a bit incalculable

Jo tu naa ho to paani paani naina
Jo tu naa ho to main bhi hounga main na
Tujhee se mujhe sab ataa
Mujh mein too, tuhi tu basa
Nainon me jaise khwaab sa


Adi said...

Loved it <3

Anonymous said...

Awesome Song,Singer,Significance.

Anonymous said...

this is very nice song and totly fit of my life. after listing this song i can't stop my tearssssss.....
thanks akshay, irshad kamil n team thanks u sooo much

Anonymous said...

I dnt hve any wrds 2 sae its awesm sng n luv u akshay u r the bst bst nly u cn undstnd the flng of luv

Anonymous said...

Yr really very nice song lv it thnx sooooo much for such a beautiful song

Anonymous said...

lovely song...must get awards..

shadmin dafedar said...

Nice song

Sajan said...

A good song after quite a while...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song, wonderful singer, very nice, im crazy with this song.....I love u sooooo much akshay kumar

Anonymous said...

Debu: Yeah! An absolute song...and lyrics. Singer - Keerthi Sagathia ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Please make more of these beautiful songs. It touches the heart..I almost cried while listening to it! I feel the love!

Anonymous said...

Arifen Shakil Rehan
Arifen Shakil Rehan II
really nice...

Anonymous said...

totally love it.

subham singh said...

this song is so touching of heart
this song is great song in my life
i am thanks to singer and writer

Anonymous said...

Nice song .. Love you akki

Unknown said...

rony ka dil kar ta hy

Aditya Bhosale said...

love u tamnna

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