Ye hai Zilla Ghaziabad Lyrics Translation (Title Song)

Movie: Zilla Ghaziabad
Music: Amjad Nadeem
Singer: Sukhwinder Singh

Tod key gilli
Arey chhod ke kanchaa
Thaam liyaa ji tamancha
Gurraaun rijhaaun
Kabbze me kisi ke naa aaun
Aaun bajaun
Bebaat danda uthaun
Arey sab se pehle ham hain
Aur sab hain hamrey baad

Breaking the bails
Leaving the marbles
I have holded the knife
I roar, I fascinate
I can't be caught
I come, I beat
I lift up the rob without any reason
I am all the first
And everybody is after me.

Ye hai zilla ghaziabad..
Yeh hai zila ghaziabad..

This is district Ghaziabad.
This is district Ghaziabad.

Daudake maarey shikaari jaise
Bhag bhag tu jaan bacha ke
Bhaag, mat laga waqt pe khoon ke daag..

The way a hunter kills by making one run
You, run and save your life
Run and don't let the time catch stains

Kad lambaa seenaa chaudaa
Pade ghoosa jaise hathodaa
Jhat munh sooje, kuch na boojhe
Patloon hovve geelli

My height is good and my chest is wide
My punch comes like a hammer
The mouth swells at the instant, nothing is understood
The trousers become wet

Gurraoon rijhaun
Kabze me kisi ke naa aaun..

Arey yo hai zilla Ghaziabad..
Zilla Ghaziabad

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