Mujhe to Teri Lat Lag Gayi (Race 2) Lyrics Translation

Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Movie: Race 2
Music: Pritam
Singers: Benny Dayal, Shalmali Kholgade

Be-imaan, Dil badaa beimaan
Hota nahin asaan ise hai samjhaana
Be-imaan, Dil badaa beimaan
Terey liye shaitaan meri na ik maanaa

Dishonest, the heart is very dishonest
It is not easy to make it understand
Dishonest, the heart is very dishonest
It is naughty and didn't listen to me at all for you

Dil jeete ya main jeetoon
Dekhoongi dekhegaa tu
Lo dil se shart lag gayi
Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi.. lag gayi
Zamana kahe lat ye galat lag gayi

Whether the heart wins or I win
I and you both will se
See, I betted with the heart
that I got addicted to you
The world says that this addiction is not right

Mujhe to teri laa aa aa aa yea...

Rokoon jitna, utni bagavat ho
Lagta hai aesa, haal-e-dil ki tum zarurat ho

The more I stop it, the more the rebellion I face
It seems as if you are the requirement of the heart

Mujh ko bhi too zaroori
Tu bhi nashe mein poori
to kaisi yeh talab lag gayi

You are important to me too
You are also completely intoxicated
Then what an addiction it is!

Mujhe toh teri lat lag gayi, lag gayi
Zamana kahe lat ye galat lag gayi

I got addicted to you
The world says that this addiction is not right

Ik tu, ik main, ik baat hui apni
Hairaan hai kyoon saara jahaan jo raat hui apni

One is you, one is me, one is our talk
Why is the whole world astonished when the night became ours

Mujhse too aake milaa
To ye hua hai sila
Ki sau tohmat lag gayi

You came and met me
And this is the result
that I got a hundred blames

Mujhe to teri lat lag gayi..


Anonymous said...

What intense words

Unknown said...

Mujhe to is gaana sunne ka lat lag gya

Anonymous said...

Selfish love, always carries craving and pain. Better to love unconditionally.


Extremely Awesome

Anonymous said...

Love for loves sake and love all for god sake ;)

sudip said...

holy god in her infinite wisdom this song is giving me a lot of adrenaline rush ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful. Wat a song yaar.

I hav alreay fallen 4 de song. Itz magical

Alpesh said...

It is not "Tu bhi nashe me poori" its "doobi nashe me poori"

Dhruval said...

Yaa yaa... Agree with Mr. Alpesh.

Anonymous said...

I am addicted 2 this

Anonymous said...

Yar mujhe to "Lat Lag Gayi" ki lat lag gayi

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeeeee it ... I listen to it 100 times a dai.

Anonymous said...

Dil jeetay ya main jeetu, dekhungi, dekhega tu lo dil se sharat lag gayeee, and finally mujhe teri lat lag gayee

Anonymous said...

Great tune for a gym work out

Anonymous said...

main lat lag gayi iss gane keliya

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