Tamanche pe Disco Lyrics Translation [Bullett Raja]

Movie: Bullett Raja
Music: RDB
Lyrics: Sandeep Nath
Singers: RDB/Nindy Kaur, Raftaar

Saiyyan daayein-baayein, daayein-baayein

My beloved shoots,
left and right, left and right..

O saiyaan daayein se maare
Saiyaan baayein maare
Seena chhalni kar de
Saiyaan dhaayein se maare

My beloved shoots from the right
my beloved shoots from the left,
He makes a sieve of the chest
[shoots nonstop]
My beloved shoots suddenly..

[dhaayein mostly refers to the sound of a gunshot, as onomatopoea.]

Koi rapat likha do iski
Koi roko daaru whisky
Yeh haath mein leke pistol
Ho jaata zyada risky..

Someone report him,
Someone stop his drinks, whisky,
With a pistol in his hand,
he gets more risky..

Haay roko dayya isko
Iske aate hi khisko
Jo naache band baja ke
Yeh karade tamanchey pe disco..

Hey someone stop him,
run as soon as he comes..
If he dances after playing someone's band
[i.e. after beating someone]
he can make people dance on gunpoint..

Tamanche pe disco..
Tamanchey pe dis dis dis dis disco..

Teri jaan kasam meri rani
tujhe sar pe bitha loon
Jo lootoon tujh pe luta doon
Main tere liye sabko hila doon
Ghar se utha loon, aag laga doon

O my queen, I swear on you,
I'll pamper you the best I can..
Whatever I loot, I'll sacrifice on you,
I'll move everything just for you,
I'll hijack you from your house, I'll burn eveything..

Hum to hain kameene
Le lein heere-nageene
Chheenoon sabki zameenein..
Ek baar bas lag ja seene..

We're mean people,
We take all the diamonds and jewellery,
I'll snatch everyone's lands,
Just hug me once..

Tere ghar baaraat le aaun..
Tujh ko sajaaoon, doli laaun..
Aa khelein khoon ki holi
Main tamancha tu meri goli..

I'll bring a wedding procession to your home,
I'll adorn you, bring you back in palanquin [as my bride],
come let's play holi with blood,
I'm the gun and you're my bullet..

Aaja tujhe bhi main kara doon
Tamanche pe disco, disco
Tamanche pe disco..

Come I'll make you too dance on gunpoint,
dance on gunpoint..


Pranav said...

RDB is Back!!!
Ful2 Dhaiyeen Dhaiyeen...!!!!

varun sharma said...

this is my favourit song tamanche pe disco http://freakprofile.com/tamanche-pe-disco-song-lyrics-bullet-raja-movie/

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