Ye Kasak Dil ki Dil Mein Lyrics Translation for Ghazal

This beautiful Ghazal by Bashir Badr was once sung by Mohammad Vakil, Saregama mega final winner of 1998. Here is a translation of the ghazal, including all the shers I could find, irrespective of the ones sung.

Ye kasak dil ki dil mein chubhi rah gayi
Zindagi mein tumhaari kami rah gayi

This aching of my heart remained pinching my heart (forever)
(that) there remained an absence of yours in my life..

Ek main ek tum ek deewar thi
Zindagi aadhi aadhi banti rah gayi

It was you, me and a wall,
and life left divided into two equal pieces..

Maine roka nahi wo chala bhi gaya
Bebasi door tak dekhti reh gayi

I didn't stop him, he left too,
and helplessness kept staring till far away..

Raat ki bheegi bheegi chhaton ki tarah
Meri palkon pe thodi nami rah gayi

Like the wet roofs of night('s dew),
Some wetness was left on my eyelids too..

Ret par aansuon ne tere naam ki
Jo kahaani likhi bepadhi rah gayi

The story of your name that my tears wrote
on sand, remained unread [that is, you didn't read it]

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