Dhat Teri Ki Meaning

Now now, Vishal-Shekhar are actually bringing too much of local lingo into the songs [actually it can hardly ever be too much, it's always good to have some 'real' words there]. This one, though, should be among my favorites. No, I am not talking about Esha Gupta here. It's about the words, dhat teri ki.

The truth is, the words have been so common in my language, that I am at a loss of how to explain their meaning. But tryers winners, so let's try.

Dhat teri ki is something like 'shit man'.

Yep. That sounds kind of close, correct. Dhat is anyway like 'crap', though the word doesn't literally mean that (or anything else, for that matter). Teri ki would mean.. well, again teri would mean yours, and ki is absolutely redundant and has no business being here. But that's how it is. And yes, don't try and translate the pieces to make a phrase back, because I just realize it would come out as 'your shit'.

So just don't go there [or come back if you did, anyway] and believe me when I say dhat teri ki means something like 'shit man'. It's something you hear yourself saying when something doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to [and haven't yet taken to F words, actually].

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