Mazo Saiba Meaning

Mazo Saiba.. These two words from the song of the same name in Guzaarish are quite a confusion for me. When I heard the words first, I took them to mean 'my beloved' thinking of mazo as mine and saiba as a name for a beloved.

But when I seriously started searching for the meaning, I did not get much positive results. Not yet at least. While I feel that Saiba is probably a version of Sahiba only, and means a fresh breeze or a respected girl, both of which later reached a position where sahiba could be used for a loved one, I am not getting which language can Mazo be.

Also, Saiba can be 'to know' in Portugese, which I think is the language in which Francois Castellino has sung the beginning parts. That way, it may be 'I know' or something like that.

Help and support is most welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

I am not sure but if this song is based in goa then the words can be in goan language. In goan language the words "mazo saiba" literally mean "my boss". A female does call her loved one as "mazo saiba" meaning "he completely owns me and i am his" which is very beautiful indeed. :)

Probiotic said...

ya its goan language..and saiba means gentlemnn or boss.

Anonymous said...

One site translated it "To my sweetheart". Don't know Goan, so can't say whether it's accurate, here's the reference and the link, which was a review of the music of Guzaarish by Stacey Yount, Bollyspice.


Spanish in guitar and percussion style, it reminds me very much of the Portuguese Fado songs. There is longing in every note. Vibhavari Joshi is absolutely outstanding on this track. The feeling, the notes, and the expression... she blew me away! The lyrics are full of romance and poetry about how she has lost her heart:

Baarish ko meine kaha, aake bhi dhode rasta (I asked the rain to wash away the path)
Dil ko farak na pada, chaldiya le ke busta (But it didn't matter to my heart, it went on its way)
Maazo Saiba... (To my sweetheart)

This song is fabulous and once it is combined with SLB's unique and incredibly rich visuals that he puts is in every frame I cannot WAIT to see what is happening on screen. Vah and Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Well I love this song a lot. I dont know what language is used in the song, but I was surprised when i heard it first time cos the words in the song were almost that of Pashto language and interestingly the meaning of the words go completely side by side with the scenes picturised on this song "Guzarish" and also with the rest of the song; The words "Ma-zo Saiba, in Pashto Ma-zo Saiba or Ma-Za Saiba means Dont go Sir, or dont go o master"; Ma-za=dont go, Saiba=O master, or O sir (considor the words linking with the "Al-widaa" in the song.
Here are the other words when the song starts. Take a look; Ta zo-mo or Ta za-ma (In pashto means You dont go) while the words following them "Makha di kha" means "Good bye" in pashto, consider linking them with "Al-widaa" of the song ;)

P.S; The language used in the song is certainly not PAshto but somehow it realy looks like Pashto.

Anonymous said...

the language is konkani..

Luiza said...

I am a native Potuguese speaker; 'mas o saiba' (pronounced in hindi mazo saiba) means 'but you should know'(not exactly though, saiba comes from the verb saber=to know, but this verb form and time has no correspondent in English) - I think this translation would be the correct one
I also understand what the men sing in the middle of udi, it's probably 'mata-me cujo amor', that means 'this love kills me'

Unknown said...

Well the movie is set in goa obviously the lang used would be 'Konkani'.. But not able to figure out what ' tuzzo moh makathika' means...

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