Tera Zikr (Guzaarish) Lyrics, Translation

Ke tera zikr hai
Ya itr hai
Jab jab karta hoon
Mehekta hoon, Behekta hoon, Chehekta hoon

Is it your mention,
or some perfume
whenever I do (mention)
I smell good, I get intoxicated, I chirp..

Sholon ki tarah
Khusbuon mein dehekta hu
Behekta hu, Mehekta hu

Like fireballs,
I get inflammed in scents,
I get intoxicated, I smell good..

Ke tera zikr hai
Ya itr hai
Jab jab karta hoon
Mehekta hoon Behekta hoon Chehekta hoon

Teri fikr hai,
Ya fakr hai
Jab jab karta hoon
Machalta hoon,
Uchhalta hoon
Phisalta hoon
Pagal ki tarah, mastiyon mein
Tehelta hoon, Uchhalta hun, Fisalta hoon

Is it the worry about you,
or pride,
whenever I do (worry)
I go wayward,
I jump,
I slip,
Like mad, enjoying,
I walk, I jump, I slip..

Tera zikr hai
Ya itr hai
Jab jab karta hoon
Mehekta hoon Behekta hoon Chehekta hoon


Anonymous said...

Simple but very imaginative

জ্যোতিৰ্ময় said...

ultimate songs with ultimate emotions...i loved it man

Unknown said...

The way to feel someone who is really special

maddyzz said...

Ur ryt jyoti...

really itz nice song..

pankaj said...

really it is so emotional that i can't explain from my heart....

Babu Sanaka said...

This song got its meaning in its tune itself..being said that without knowing Hindi i felt its depth.

Very much greatful for the ones who had written / composed.

lovelysaurav said...

This song takes me away from this world in such place where only love exists.

Got following from one blog:

"Zikr is a holy word from Arabic and it is specifically used for ALLAH....Zikr means to praise ALLAH and Faqr means to forget ones own self for someone specifically for ALLAH and when someone talks about Faqr then it means that the person is in Love beyond the limits with ALLAH.....this song is actually written in a context that talks abot Ishq with ALLAH...becoz Zikr,,,Fiker,,,and Faqr is only for ALLAH and GOD for others...not for a human being,,,,"

Think in way that you love someone like God or "Allah" then how pure your love would be :)

Unknown said...

just awesome song... it just moves me

Unknown said...

this song moves me..

Anonymous said...

nice song...awesome lyrics..very imaginable thoughts n loving!!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, serene, blissful love!
true melody

Anonymous said...

whenever i listen this song i really feel that i am out of this world and automatically i start crying, i really love this song very much

Kamalphukan said...

Nice song my fav

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