Luk Chhup Jaana (Action Replayy) Lyrics, Translation

Luk chhup jaana, nazar ko milaana

Going in hiding, meeting the eyes..

Tu hai jahan jahan, main hoon wahan wahan
Tere bina meri bisaat hi kya hai
Tu hai adaa adaa, main hoon fida fida
Jaane wafa teri toh baat hi kya hai
O haseen zara mere lag ja gale gale gale gale
Aaja chhup ja meri palkon tale tale tale tale

You are where, I'm there,
Without you what is my value,
you are style, I'm sacrificed on you,
O love, what a wonder you are..
O beautiful come embrace me,
Come hide behind my eyelids..

Tu hai subah subah, maangi koi dua
Poori kare khuda muraad hai meri
Tera karun zikar, na ho koi fikar
Khoya rahun sada main yaad mein teri

You are a morning prayer,
God fulfills my wish (with you),
I talk about you, there should be no worry,
And I be lost in your memory always..

Aaja meri baahon mein samaaja
Tu zamane ko dikha ja
Tera pyaar mera hai
Main hi teri aankhon mein basa hoon
Teri baahon mein kasa hoon
Mera pyaar tera hai
Unkahi koi dil mein hasrat pale pale pale pale
jalne de jahan do jo hum tum mile mile mile mile

Come, fill (yourself) in my arms,
Show the world,
that your love is mine,
I only am living in your eyes,
(hugged) tight in your arms,
My love is yours,
Some unsaid wish gets nursed (in my heart)
The the world be on fire as the two of us meet..

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pellmelody said...

Thank you for this translation! I love this song.

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