Baby Baby Baby Lyrics Translation | Honey Singh/ DZG

Movie: Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend
Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh
Lyrics: Alfaaz
Singers: Honey Singh, Alfaaz
Music Label: T-Series

Manne suna hai tu twenty plus ho gayi
Chadhti jawaani teri bebas ho gayi

I’ve heard that you are now twenty plus,
that your youth has become out of your control now.

Gat gat veeti jaaye
Kisi ke bhi haath na aaye
Bas tu to yehi chaahe
Chhede na koi vekhi jaaye

your keep on drinking non-stop,
and can’t be stopped by anyone..
all you want is that,
no one trouble you and then you get watched.

Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby baby baby.. oh
Baby ka hai birthday bash
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy daddy daddy.. daddy!
Daddy se chhupa ke.. woah
Goa jaake karti aish

It’s Baby’s birthday bash,
she hides from her father
and has fun in Goa..

LV ka bag main to tere liye laaya
Par tu taan kendi mainu pasand ni aaya

I’ve got an Louis Vuitton bag for you,
but you say you didn’t like it..

Mujhko tha yaaron ne roka
Kehte thhe khaayega dhokha
Main na chhodoon aisa mauka
No Ball pe maarun chauka

My friends had stopped me
They used to say that I would be ditched
I will not leave such a chance
I will hit a four on a no ball..

Baby baby baby..

Oh baby oh baby ek baat to bataa
Tere baare mein suni hai ek afwaah
Happy Birthday saal me tu char baar manati hai
Apna ek na kharche
Kharcha londo ka karwati hai
LV shelvy Gucci Vucci kya kya tu mangwati hai
Itna kharcha karke bhi tu nakhre dikhati hai
Mood tu banati hai phir thoda lalchati hai
Par raat hote hi jaake tu apne ghar so jaati hai
heh! ye bhi koi baat hai? what the f*** yaar..

Oh baby tell me one thing
I have heard a rumor about you
That you celebrate your birthday four times in a year,
And you don't spend a Single rupee of your own
but make guys pay for it..
LV Gucci and all, what all do you ask them to get,
And even after so much expense, you throw tantrums
You get them in mood, and tease them a bit,
and then as soon as it's Night, you go home and sleep..
Isn't that unfair, what the f*** man!

Naa jaane iss dil se kyon tu khele
Tera happy bday hai, jo chaahe tu le le

I don't know why you play with this heart
It's your birthday, take whatever you want..

Baby baby baby..

Naa jaane iss dil se kyon tu khele
Tera happy bday hai, jo chaahe tu le le

Ghar ko bhi girvee rakhvaa doon
Sports car tujh ko dilwaa doon
London Paris tujhe ghuma doon
Chartered plane mein sair kara doon

I can put my house on mortgage,
I can get you a sports car..
I can get you to visit London Paris etc.,
And get you to visit on a chartered plane..

Baby baby baby…

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