Tere Is Jahaan Main Aye Khuda Lyrics Translation | Rog

Movie: Rog
Music: MM Kreem
Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
Singer: KK
Music label: Saregama

tere is jahaan main aye khuda
wo nahi to lagta hai kuchh nahi
nahi ho ke bhi hai wo har jagah
karoon kyun yakeen ke wo ab nahi

In this world of yours, O god,
when she is not there, it seems nothing is there..
even being there, she is there everywhere,
why should I then believe that she is not there anymore..

tere is jahaan main aye khuda

hai udaas tere bina shahar
tujhe yaad karte hain raastay
hai wo log apne gharon mein band
jo nikalte thay tere waastay
bahaarein jawaani kahaan gayeen
thi abhi khizaan ki rut nahi..

the town is sad without you,
the paths commemorate you..
those people are closed in their homes,
who used to come out to see you..
where have the spring and youth all gone,
it wasn’t supposed to be the autumn at this time..

tere is jahaan main aye khuda
wo nahi to lagta hai kuchh nahi

sab jeete hain yahaan zindagi
tujhe zindagi ne jiyaa magar
tha wo rab bhi tanha tere bina
to bana liya tujhay humsafar
tujhay chheen laaoon khuda se main
koi us ka to tujh pe to haq nahi

everyone lives life in this world,
but you were lived by life itself..
that God too was lonely without you,
that’s why He made you His companion,
I’ll go and get you from God Himself,
there is no right of His on you (unlike me)..

tere is jahaan main aye khuda

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