Jil Jil Jil song lyrics and translation | Jil (2015)

Movie: Jil (2015)
Starring: Gopichand, Rashi khanna
Music: Ghibran
Singer: Yazin nazir, shalmali kholgade
Lyrics: Shreemani, Ramajogayya sastri

Jil jil jil manase rivvantu yegase
Jil jil jil manase rangullo merise
Uff idhem maayo Mari? Modhalaindhila Tholi saariga!
Uff ilaage ee idhi konasaagina saripodhuga
O... What a feeling! Dil mein rock and roll Oh oh
O... What a feeling! Dil mein rock and roll Oh oh

My cool heart is riding high now
My cool heart is shining in colours now
What kind of magic is this? This is happening to me for the very first time
Even this isn't enough for me
This feeling is so special, it's like rock n roll is being played in my heart

Yetu choosthe atu thaane anukuntu naalo nene kaalam marichaane kaavalane
Badulisthoo palikaane pilupedhi lekundaane
naalo vethikaane nanne
Choosy ga untunna vese dressulona, nenate thanakinka nacchela
Selfie le diguthunna yenno posulonna ! Naa andham perigindha thana valla?
O... What a feeling! Dil mein rock and roll Oh oh
O... What a feeling! Dil mein rock and roll Oh oh

I imagine her wantonly every where and I'm lost in that(her thoughts)
I respond without being called
I'm searching for self within me
For her to like me more, I'm being selective in my attire these days
These days I'm click so many selfies(?)
Did I become beautiful because of him?

Gadiyaram thiduthunna ne maathram melukunna
ninne Kala ganna thelavaarinaa
Paragnaanam thagadhanna oohallo neetho unna once more antunna polamaarina
Rowdy la free bird la unna ninna monna
Ammai aipothunna neekosam
Easy ga crazy ga nanne maarchesaave
Its okay ni ishtam naakishtam

Though my clock yells at me for being awake
I stay awake and dream of you till mornings
Though it's not fine to imagine someone with self
I imagine you and feel like imagining the same again
I was a free bird and more of a nomad
Now I'm turning into a girl for you
You've changed me so easily
I'm fine with it.

Jil jil jil | Repeat |


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