Naina Jo Ladte Hain Ladne De Piya Lyrics Translation|Hunterrr

Movie: Hunterrr
Music, Singer: Khomosh Shah
Lyrics: Azazul Haque
Label: Zee Music Company

naina jo laDte hain, laDne de o piya
nainon ki kitaabein paDhne de o piya

if the eyes fall in love, let them, o beloved.
let me read the books of eyes, o beloved.

nain mere naakaare nain
paDh na paaye tere kaare nain
anpaDh ye bechaare hain
sharaarat sikha de inhein
naasamajh naakaare hain
ishaare dikha de inhein

my useless eyes,
could not study your black eyes,
these poor eyes (of mine) are illiterate,
teach them some mischief..
they are idiot and useless,
teach them some signs..

naina jo laDte hain, laDne de o piya
naino ko kitaaben paDhne de o piya

tu jo palkon ke panne palTe
to chaahat paDhoon main
teri nazron pe likhe
lafzon ki aahaT sunoon main
har taraf tu paDhne de
zubaan ishq chaDhne de
nainon ki sharaaratein
baDhti hain to baDhne de
naino se chheen le, chaina

if you turn over the pages of eyelids,
I’ll read love..
I’ll hear the light sound of the words
written on your eyes..
let me read everywhere,
let love reach up to (your) lips,
if the mischiefs of eyes increase,
let them be
snatch the peace out of my eyes..

naina jo laDte hain, laDne de o piya
naino ki kitaabein paDhne de o piya

nazron ko paDh ke ye jaana
naadaan the kitne hum
dil ne ye maana dhaDkan se
anjaan the kitne hum
ab sukoon mil gaya
mujhko tu jo mil gaya
nain tere dekhte, dekh kaise dil gaya
khwaabon ki mil gayi, raina

when I read your eyes, I got to know
how naive I was..
the heart realized how unknown
of the hearbeat I was..
now I have peace
as I have found you..
looking at your eyes,
see, how my heart is lost..
I have found the night of dreams..

naina jo laDte hain, laDne de o piya
naino ki kitaabein paDhne de o piya

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