Dil Kookay Mahi Mahi Kamla Ve | Shafqat Amanat Ali/ Muh Dikhai

Album: Muh Dikhai
Music, Lyrics, Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali
Music On: Times Music

Shafqat Amanat Ali is once again back with what looks like another wonderful album from him. Here is the first song's lyrics, translation and video.

kamla si kamla reyan
mere sine vich na reyaa
ae jaake tera ho gaya
ki main samjhava enu
samajh na aave enu
vekhda ae tenu e rave

it’s mad, and remains mad,
It is no more in my heart,
Today it has gone and becomes yours..
How should I explained to it,
It doesn't seem to understand,
It just keeps on looking at you..

ruk ruk dil chalda mera
din wi nai Dhalda mera
naam tera jad tak na aave
dil kooke mahi maahi kamla ve
dil kookey mahi maahi kamla ve, kamla ve..

My heart seems to be beating with pauses
And my day doesn't seem to end
Until your name comes up..
My mad heart chants beloved, O beloved..
My mad, mad heart chants for you, O beloved..

chan apne ghar muDda nahi
akhnon ko khone* dil Turda nahi, Turda nahi
tenu ki samjhavaan sun le tu
dil ni aahavaan sun le tu
naam tera lainda hi ravai..

the moon doesn’t turn towards its home,
the heart doesn’t go..
what do I explain to you, listen,
listen to the sighs of the heart,
which keeps on chanting your name..

dil kookay mahi mahi kamla ve
dil kookay mahi mahi kamla ve, kamla ve

tak tak tenu dil thakda nahi
saan vaajon tere lai sakda nahi, sakda nahi

the heart never gets tired of looking at you,
can’t breathe without you, it can’t..

tenu ki samjhava sun le tu
dil ni aahaavaan sunle tu
naam tera lainda hi ve
dil kookay mahi mahi kamla ve
dil kookay mahi mahi kamla ve, kamla ve

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