Meri Marzi Teri Raza Mein Lyrics Translation | DZG

Movie: Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: K Mohan
Music Label: T-Series

jahaan se chalta hoon, wahin laut aata hoon
aansoo nikal paDte hain, jab bhi muskuraata hoon

wherever I start, I end up coming back there only,
my tears come out, whenever I smile..

kyun be-asar koshishein hain
kyun ansuni khwaahishein hain
be-lafz aansoo ye poochhein tu bata

why are my tries without effect,
why are my wishes unheard,
this is what my wordless tears ask. tell me.

meri marzi, teri raza mein
hai faasla kyun, ae khuda

why is there so much difference between
my wishes and your will..

O khuda..

O Lord..

khwaabon mein hain jo daraarein
aankhon mein dikhne lagi hain
saanson ki TooTi deewaarein
kaandhe pe Tikne lagi hai

the cracks that are there in dreams,
they can be seen in the eyes..
the broken walls of breaths
are resting on the shoulders now..

kis baat ki mujhko mili hai sazaa
tu hi jaanta hai ye mujhe kya pataa

for what am I getting this punishment,
you alone know that, how would I know..

meri marji, teri raza mein
hai faasla kyun, aye khuda

kismat mein hai dhoop lekin
chhanv bhi kaheen to hogi
jahaan manzilein hongi apni
koi aisi zameen to hogi

there is sun in the fate,
but there must be some shade as well,
there must be some place,
where our destination would be there..

paaon DhoonDhte hain jo raasta
jaane kis moD pe wo hai chhupa
tu hi bataa..

the path that my feet search for,
on which turn is it hidden,
you only have to tell..

meri marzi teri raza mein
hai faasla kyun aye khuda

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