Vachadu lyrics and translation | S/o Sathyamurthy (2015)

Movie Name: S/O Satyamurthy
Lyrics Writer: Devi sri prasad
Singer(s): Javed ali
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Cast: Allu Arjun, Samantha, Nitya Menon, Adah Sharma, Upendra

Ey vacchaadu vacchaadu vacchaadu vacchaadu
Vooriki veede monagaadu
Yenugubothu kommu yenugu dantham
Noori chesina dhora veedu
Nethuru peelche dhaaham dhaaham
Katthulu mose moham moham
Yetthulu veyse vyooham vyooham
Sathruvu chaave lakshyam lakshyam

He has arrived
The pride of the place/village
He is a blend of an ox horn and ivory
Thirst of blood
Passion for swords
Plans to let the opponent down
Aim is opponent's end/death.

Venkadu chesina sankati ante praanaalisthaadu
Vankara tinkara veshaalesthe pegulu kosthaadu
Gandharagolam godavalu chesthe kaththe dhoosthaadu
vandhala mandhini needaki cherche
Chettu ai kaavali kaasthaadu

He likes Millet/Ragi mixture prepared by venkanna
He would see your end if you play your tantrums
He would bout his swords if you create a mess
He would serve like a tree which gathers 100s' of people under it.

Vacchaadu ey vacchaadu

Yedhurocchinodantu ledu ledu
Yedhirinche vadinka raadu raadu
Kanneththi choosthene kaththetthi pai kocchi
Thega rechi pothaadu veedu veedu
Kadathaadu kassa panche panche
Veedu kodithe Hailessa anthe anthe
Oopiri peelche ooriki moththam
Veede kattani kanche kanche
Kattelu kotte goddali laga kassu mantaadu
Mettelu pettina pellaam mundhara meththaguntaadu
Chettuni, puttani, mattini, guttani
Chuttamlaage choosthaadu

No one has tried going against him
No one would even do that
Raise your eyebrow and he would bout his swords at you
He wears a cotton cloth
His punch would be strong
He is a protective fence to the place
He is short tempered like an axe
But he keeps his cool with his wife
He treats every tree, bush , sand ashis very own relatives.

Hey vacchaadu | Repeat |

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