Tere Bin Nahi Laage Jiyaa Lyrics Translation | Ek Paheli Leela

Movie: Ek Paheli Leela
Original Composer, Singer: Uzair Jaswal
Music Recreated by: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Kumaar
Starring: Jay Bhanushali, Sunny Leone
Music Label: T-Series

ye raatein ab nahi dhaDakteen
din bhi saans nahi lete
ab to aa jaao mere soneyaa
baatein reh gayeen adhoori
mere labon pe zaroori
aake sun jaao mere soneyaa

these nights don’t beat (like a heart) now,
even the days don’t breathe,
now come O my beautiful one,
what I had to say remained unsaid,
on my lips, important things,
come, listen to me O beautiful one..

tere bin nahi laage jiyaa
tere bin, ab to aaja piyaa
tere bin, nahi laage jiyaa..

without you, my heart isn’t contented,
without you.. now come O beloved..

pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hain
baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein nahi hain
sookhe sookhe alfaaz, khaali khaali mere
haathon ki lakeerein bulaaven soneyaa..

even the weathers as they were earlier, don’t come anymore.
nor is there the same element in the rains as it used to be..
my dry words (as they come through dry lips),
my empty hands’ lines, call you O beautiful..

tere bin, nahi laage jiya
tere bin, ab to aaja piya
tere bin, nahi laage jiya..

chaand bhi waheen hai, waheen hain sitaare
tere baad pheeke pheeke lagte hain saare
aaja leke tu savere kar ja door andhere
teri doori tadpaave soneya

even the moon is where it was, there the stars are too.
after (I see) you all these seem bland..
come with mornings and throw away the darkness,
separation from you pains, O beautiful one..

tere bin, naahi laage jiyaa
tere bin, ab to aaja piyaa
tere bin, nahi laage jiyaa..
tere bin, tere bin..

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This songs means SO much 2 me

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