Dil Aisa Kisi ne Mera Toda Lyrics Translation | Amanush, Kishore Kumar

Movie: Amanush [1975]
Music: Shyamal Mitra
Lyrics: Indeevar
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Label: Saregama

dil aisaa kisi ne meraa toRaa,
barbaadi ki taraf aisaa moRaa
ek bhale maanush ko,
amaanush banaa ke chhoRaa

somebody broke my heart in such a way,
turned me such towards my ruin,
that a good human being
was made un-human.

[amaanush here is used like a noun, and is quite emphasised, hence not writing as inhumane.]

saagar kitnaa mere paas hai,
mere jeevan mein phir bhi pyaas hai
hai pyaas baRi jeevan thodaa,
amaanush banaa ke chhoRaa

how much of sea do I have with me,
but still so much thirst is there in my life.
this thirst is more than my life, even.
she eventually made me un-human.

kehte hain ye duniyaa ke raaste,
koi manzil nahin tere waaste
naakaamiyon se naataa meraa joRaa,
amaanush banaa ke chhoRaa

the paths of the world tell me
that there is no destination for me.
She left me in a relationship with failure,
she left me un-human.

Doobaa sooraj phir se nikle,
rehtaa nahin hai andheraa
meraa sooraj aisaa rooThaa,
dekhaa na maine saveraa
ujaalon ne saath meraa chhoRaa,
amaanush banaa ke chhoRaa.

the sun that sets, rises again,
darkness doesn't remain forever.
but my sun is so upset with me,
that I never saw a morning again.
lights have deserted me,
she left me un-human.

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