Jise Kehte Pyaar Hain Lyrics Translation | Noor

Movie: Noor
Music: Amaal Malik
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Sukriti Kakar
Music Label: T-Series

badla nahi hai kuch bhi
yoon hi khaamakhaa
koi to hai wajah suno
Thehri hoon main to
chalta jaaye rasta
jaadoo hai har jagah suno

nothing has changed
just like that.
listen, there is some reason.
I've stopped,
but the path keeps on moving.
Listen, there is magic everywhere.

tu jo mere saath hai
pal pal nayi baat hai
khwaabon mein hai tu mere
yaa sach mein hai saamne chehra tera

when you are with me,
every moment there is something new.
are you there in my dreams,
or there is your face in front of me?

jise kehte pyaar hain
hua tumse yaar hai

that, which is called love,
has happened to me, with you.

kyun mere sar pe
lag paRa uRne
ye patangon sa aasmaan?
in hawaaon mein
hai ishq tera
mehsoos maine kar liya.

why is this kite-like sky
flying on my head now?
there is your love in the sky,
I have felt.

aane se tere
dhaRke hai dil ye mere
saath hoon main bhi, saans hai*
haan aisi thi zindagi pehle kahaan

my heart has started beating
since you came.
I'm with me, too, there is breath.
life wasn't that good before this.

jise kehte pyaar hain
huaa tumse yaar hai

ye sabhi mausam ho rahe apne
kal talak thhe jo ajnabi
ye safar yoon hi le chalaa aage
peechhe ab raahein na rahi

all these weathers are becoming my own,
which were stranger until yesterday.
this journey is just taking me ahead,
there are no paths behind me.

saari khwaahishein
dil ki ye farmaaishein
tune suni is tarah
koi duaa jis tarah sunle khuda

all the wishes,
the demands of the heart,
you heard in such a way,
like God listens to them.

jise kehte pyaar hain
hua tumse yaar hai

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