Uff Yeh Noor Wallah Lyrics Translation | Noor Title Song

Movie: Noor
Music: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Armaan Malik
Music Label: T-Series

dil ye nikamma
baaz na aaye
ulTe sulTe
pench laRaaye

this jobless heart,
doesn't listen to me.
keeps on flirting
with someone or other..

ajab gazab hain iske tevar
zara zara si baat lekar
kare tamaashe machaa de ye halla..

her moods are strange,
on the smallest of things,
she creates scenes, raises hell.

uff ye noor.. wallah

Ah, this Noor, for God's Sake!

[Noor literally means a light, often a divine light, but here it's used as a name.]

kuch baat hai isme zaroor
atrangiyaan iski mash-hoor

there is certainly something special about her,
her craziness is famous.

wallah.. wallaah..
uff ye noor..
wallah.. wallaah..

seedhe seedhe sab chale
par ye teRhi chaley
afraa-tafri ho jahaan
ye bas waheen miley

everyone walks straight,
but she walks crooked.
she is found
only where there is chaos...

paagalon se zyaada paagal
rahe zameen pe maange baadal
kaheen se jaake zara akal la..

she's crazier than crazy people,
she lives on the earth but wants clouds.
go somewhere and get some intelligence!

uff ye noor.. wallah
uff ye noor.. wallah
kuch baat hai isme zaroor
atrangiyan iski mashoor
wallah.. wallah.. wallah.. ha.. wallah!
uff ye noor..

ziddi hai nakchaRhi hai
karti manmaaniyaan
dekho khud se hi kare
ye kheenchaataaniyaan

she is stubborn, finicky,
does what she wishes to.
look, she keeps on
having arguments with herself.

[kheenchtaan or kheenchaa-taani literally means pulling and tugging by two or more sides, something like a chaotic version of tug of war, if you will. But here the idea is that she keeps doing this in her mind.]

aankhon mein gussa bhara hai
chehre pe baarah baja hai
kaheen se jaake nayi shakal la

there is anger filled in her eyes,
and her face is at its worst,
go somewhere and get a new face...

uf ye noor.. wallah
uf ye noor.. wallah
kuch baat hai is mein zaroor
atrangiyaan iski mashoor
wallah.. wallah..
uff ye noor...

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