Din Dhal Jaaye, Raat na Jaaye: Lyrics, Translation (Guide)

Movie: Guide
Music: Sachin Dev Burman
Lyrics: Shailendra
Singer: Mohd Rafi

Din dhal jaaye haye raat na jaaye
Tu to na aaye teri yaad sataaye
Din dhal jaaye....

The day somehow goes by, but the night does not end
You don't come, but your memory torment me
The day goes by...

Pyar mein jinke sab jag chhoda aur hue badnaam
Unke hi haathon haal hua yeh baithe hain dil ko thaam
Apne kabhi the ab hain paraaye

For whom I left the whole world and earned a bad name
Has reduced me to this state, that I am sitting clutching my heart
Once upon a time she was mine.. now she's a stranger

Aisi hi rhimjhim aisi phuhaaren aisi hi thi barsaat
Khud se judaa aur jag se paraaye hum dono the saath
Phir se woh saawan ab kyun na aaye

The same raindrops, the same showers, the same rain it was
Lost from ourselves and stranger to the world, we were both together
Why doesn't that rainy season come back now..

Dil ke mere paas ho itne phir bhi ho kitni door
Tum mujh se main dil se pareshan dono hai majboor
Aise mein kisko kaun manaaye

You're so close to my heart, but still you're so far away
You're troubled by me n I am troubled by my heart, both are helpless.
In such a situation, who can comfort whom..

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