Wahan Kaun Hai Tera: Lyrics, Translation (Guide)

Movie: Guide
Music: Sachin Dev Burman
Lyrics: Shailendra
Singer: Sachin Dev Burman

wahaan kaun hai teraa,
musaafir, jaayegaa kahaan
dam lele ghadi bhar,
ye chhaiyyaan payega kahaan
wahaan kaun hai teraa

There is no one your own, o traveller
take a breather here,
where will you get this cool shade
there is no one your own..

beet gaye din,
pyaar ke palchhin
sapna bani wo raaten
bhool gaye wo,
tu bhi bhulaa de
pyaar ki wo mulaaqaaten
pyaar ki wo mulaaqaaten
sab door andhera,
musafir, jaayega kahaan

those days are gone
those moments of love
those nights are dreams now
they have forgotten it,
and you too should forget
those love filled meetings,
those love filled meetings..
It's all dark for long distances..
so where will you go, o traveller

koi bhi teri, raah na dekhe
nain bichhaaye na koi
dard se tere, koi na tadpaa
aankh kisi ki naa royi
kahe kisko tu mera,
musafir jaayega kahaan

No one is there awaiting you
No one is looking forward for your arrival
nobody felt your pain,
no one shed a tear for you
whom can you call your own
so where will you go, o traveller

tune to sabko, raah bataayi
tu apni manzil kyun bhoolaa
suljha ke raaja, auron ki uljhan
kyun kachche dhaagon mein jhoolaa
kyun naache sapera
musaafir jayega kahaan

You guided others
how come you lost your own destination
having solved the problems of others
how come you got entangled in weak threads
why is the snakecharmer swaying on his own tune
where will you go, o traveller

musaafir.. tu jaayegaa kahaan

kehte hain gyaani,
duniyaa hai faani
paani pe likhi likhaayi
hai sabki dekhi,
hai sabki jaani
haath kisike na aayi
kuchh tera naa mera,
musafir jaayega kahaan
dam lele ghadi bhar,
ye chhaiyyaan,
payega kahaan
wahaan kaun hai tera

O traveller.. where will you go..

Learned people say,
this world is a mirage
everything is written on water
it is seen by all, it is experienced by all
(but) nobody could get/control it
nothing is yours, nothing is mine
so where will you go, o traveller
better take a breather here, you may not get this cool shade again
There is no one your own, o traveller
there is no one yours..


DON said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Great Song!
Very inspired translation too!

Raj said...

For the first time I really understood the beautiful words......
Thank you for the translation

Salhin said...

Faani doesn't mean mirage. It means perishable.

Paani pe likhi likhayi= like writing on surface of water

Once again emphasizing that the world isn't everlasting

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