Kehti hai ye ik phase hai: Lyrics, Translation (Ali Zafar)

Wo Dekhne mein kaisi

Movie: London Paris New York
Music, Lyrics, and Singer: Ali Zafar
Label: Sony Music

wo dekhne mein kaisi seedhi saadi lagti
hai bolti ki wo to kuch nahi samajhti
andar se kitni tez hai

she looks so straight and simple,
she says she doesn't understand anything..
(but) she's so cunning inside..

kabhi ajeeb si kabhi haseen lagti
kabhi kisi kitaab ka hai scene lagti
phillosophy ka craze hai
ho, kehti hai ye ik phase hai..
kehti hai ye ik phase hai..

sometimes she looks strange and sometimes beautiful,
sometimes she looks like a scene from some book,
there is a craze for philosphy..
she says it's a phase..
she says it's a phase..

pa pa pa pa pa ra ra
pa pa pa pa pa ra ra
pa pa pa pa pa ra ra rara..

jaanejaan jaaneman to har gaane mein aata hai
parwaana romeo har ladka hi ban jaata hai
likhoon to kya likhoon
banoon to kya banoon,
ye filmon mein ladka hi kyun ladki ko phansata hai..
main chahoon bhi to main sabhi wo kar jaata hoon
wo aaye to main sudhar jaata hoon,
ladki ek full on chase hai

'my love, my life' comes in every song,
every Romeo boy (eventually) becomes a moth (near a candle)
what (new) should I write,
what should I become..
why in these movies boy only entices the girl..
if I wish I also do this all,
(but) when she comes I become good..
a girl is a full on chase..

haan, kehti hai ye ik phase hai..
aa ooo...

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