Kya hai Mohabbat: Lyrics, Translation (Ek Deewana Tha/ AR Rahman)

Movie: Ekk Deewana Tha
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: A R Rahman
Label: Sony Music

mohabbat hai ek khwab ya ek junoon hai
kisi ko mohabbat agar hai to kyun hai
mohabbat mein to sirf betabiyaan hain
to phir kyun mohabbat mein dil ko sukoon hai, sukoon hai
koi ye bata de ki kya hai mohabbat

Is love a dream or a passion
if someone is in love, why is it so,
there is only restlessness in love,
then why is the heart relieved in love..
someone tell (me) what is love..

mohabbat hai dariya mohabbat kinara
mohabbat sitam hai mohabbat sahara
mohabbat idhar bhi mohabbat udhar bhi
mohabbat nazar hai mohabbat nazaara
koi ye bata de bata de bata de

love is a river, (and) love (only is the) shore/bank,
love is torture, love is support,
love is here, and love is there too,
love is the eye, and love is the scenery,
someone tell (me), someone tell...

mohabbat mein sab kuchh haseen lagta hai kyun
sitam jo kare dil nasheen lagta hai kyun
mohabbat hai jis se wo dil tode bhi to
bura phir bhi dil ko bura lagta hai kyun...
koi ye bata de ki kya hai mohabbat.. mohobbat...

why does everything seem beautiful in love,
the one who tortures, why does s/he still look heartwarming,
the one who we love, even if s/he breaks our heart,
why don't the heart count him/her as bad..
someone tell me what's love.. love..

na samjha koi wo ada hai mohabbat
ki in-aam hai ya saza hai mohabbat
kisi ne kaha hai to kyun ye kaha hai
mohabbat khuda hai khuda hai mohabbat..
koi ye bata de ki kya hai mohabbat..

that no one understood such a style love is..
whether love's a prize or a punishment..
someone has said, and why has s/he said,
that love is god, god is love..
someone tell me what's love...

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prashant said...

bura phir bhi dil ko bura lagta hai kyun...

bura phir bhi dil ko,nhi lagta hai kyun...

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