Zohra-jabeen/ Zohrajabeen Meaning

Zohra-jabeen, is more or less a mixture of Arabic and Persian words which is excepted in Urdu and is used quite in the language, and loosely means someone with a shining forehead.

Zohra is considered a form of Arabic Zahra, which means shining, while Jabeen means Forehead, and hence the meaning, one with a shining forehead. However, Zohra, as per some people, means Venus, which is a morning star and a goddess of beauty as per Roman mythology, though with that we may in turn conclude that Zohrajabeen is one with a shining forehead, like Venus, that is.

Zohra-jabeen is the title of a song in the movie Ekk Deewana Tha.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, both words are Arabic in origin.

Zohra means Venus.
Jabeen means forehead.

Pishana means forehead in Farsi/Persian.

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