Thehri si Sehmi si hai Zindagi: Lyrics, Translation (LPNY)

Thehri si Zindagi

Movie: London Paris New York
Music, Lyrics: Ali Zafar
Singers: Ali Zafar, Aditi Rao Hyadri
Label: Sony Music

Thehree si, sehmi si hai zindagi, udne do
behti nadi se thodi si nami chun-ne do
khamoshi sun-ne do
khawabo ko bun-ne do
hatheliyon pe likhi dastan badalne do

the life is a little stuck, a little afraid, let (it) fly,
let (it) pick a little moisture from the flowing river,
let (me) listen to silence,
let (me) knit dreams,
let the story written on the palms change..

maddham si madhoshi
dheemi si sargoshi
sun sako to suno dil ke taar
yoon hi milte raho bar baar
ho, kaisi seher hai ye kaisa asar hai bataa
bin jaane bin bole humko sabhi hai pata

a slow intoxication,
a low whisper,
listen if you can, to the strings of the heart,
keep meeting me like that only..
how's this morning and how's this effect tell me,
that without knowing and without telling I know it all..

thoda sa dard hai
saans bhi sard hai
par tera aashiyaan mil gaya
chahiye kya
ho ho ho ho ho

there is a little pain,
the breath is cold too,
but I have got your home,
what (else) is needed (now)..

simti simti saundhi si hai dopahar
bechainiyon me doobi si hai ye leher
chhaayi hai chashni par hai koi kami
kho sakoon jis jagah paaya hai tumhe wahan
ho ho ho ho..

afternoon is a little wound up, fragrant,
this wave is drowned in restlessness,
sweetness is all around, but there is something missing,
where I can lose myself, I have found you there..

baahon mein leke tumhe kuch na kuch bol dein
chaahat ki nadiyaa mein chaandi ka ras ghol dein
aao na sath do mujhko parwaz do
koi meethi si kaano mein aawaz do
ho ho ho ho ho..

let me tell you something taking you in the arms..
let me dissolve silver liquid in the river of love..
come, support me, give me flight..
call sweetly into my ears..

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