Chhad de Moorakh Lyrics, Meaning (Coke Studio @ MTV)

Show: Coke Studio
Producer: Clinton Cerejo
Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Performer: Master Saleem

Chhad De Moorakh is a song that asks the listener to leave the worldly illusions and to do something that makes the world happy. The lyrics were written by Manoj Yadav, as per him, at a point of time when he was low.

Saleem, who has sung songs like Aahun Aahun and Awaara (7 Khoon Maaf), sings the song just wonderfully, and the end of the song comes in a Kabeer's Doha. The Video, Lyrics and English Translation follow.

chhad de moorakh moh jagat da
chhad de moorakh moh
jag hai ret ka teela
kaun leher mein beh jaaye jeevan ka khwaab kabeela..

O idiot, Leave the charms of this world
leave this enchantment..
This world is a sand dune..
You don't know in which wave the dreamy tribe of life will wash away..

kyun naape tu raat divas ke kya hai tere paas
sab chhotega yahan yahin
tu phir kyun paale aas..

Why do you count nights and days, what's there that you have (as in, to change them)
Everything will be left here only,
then why are you so hopeful (about this mortal life)..

chhad de moorakh..

Sab ka hissa hai tay jag mein kar le khoob talaash
kuch dhuyen ki dor bane aur kuch bejaan

In this world, everyone's part is decided, try and search as much as you wish..
some become a string of smoke, and some

kabeera jab hum aaye jagat mein, jag hansa hum roye
aisi karni kar chale, ki hum hanse jag roye..

Kabeer says, when we came into this world, the world laughed as we cried.
let's do something, so that we laugh and the world cries (as we leave this world)..


The Teacher said...

Great Words... and Great Thinking of Manoj Yadav... excellent singing by Saleem. What else I can say.. heads of to Manoj and Saleem.

Venkee Aka Aryan said...

Great lines. Thanks to the creator for d song. World should be in peace and no one should suffer. All should be happy.
Good job..

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