Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye: Lyrics, Translation (Anand)

Movie: Anand
Music: Salil Chowdhary
Lyrics: Yogesh
Singer: Mukesh
Pictured on: Rajesh Khanna

Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye
Sanjh Ki Dulhan Badan Churaye, Chupke Se Aaye
Mere Khayalon Ke Aangan Mein
Koi Sapnon Ke Deep Jalaye

Somewhere far away when the day retires
The dusk sneaks up, shyly like a bride
In the courtyard of my thoughts,
Someone lights up lamps of dreams..

Kabhi Yun Hi Jab Hui Bojhal Saansen
Bhar Aai Baithe Baithe Jab Yoon Hi Aankhen
Kabhi Machal Ke Pyaar Se Chal Ke
Chhuye Koi Mujhe Par Nazar Na Aaye
Nazar na aaye..
Kahin Door..

Sometimes when without a reason my breaths become heavy
When my eyes well up just sitting there
Then with a flutter, moving with love,
Someone touches me, but I cannot see her..
I cannot see her..

Kahin To Yeh Dil Kabhi Mil Nahin Paate
Kahin Pe Nikal Aaye Janmon Ke Naate
Ghani Thi Uljhan Bairi Apna Man
Apna Hi Hoke Sahe Dard Paraye
Kahin Door...

Sometimes these hearts are unable to come together
and somewhere else, connections of lifetimes emerge..
The problem was deep, and my own heart became the enemy
even though belonging to me, yet bearing the pain of another..

Dil Jaane Mere Saare Bhed Ye Gehre
Ho gaye Kaise Mere Sapne Sunehre
Yeh Mere Sapne Yehi To Hain Apne
Mujhse Juda Na Hoge Inke Yeh Saaye
Kahin Door..

My heart knows all these deep secrets of mine
How my dreams became golden..
My these dreams, these alone are my own,
Even their shadows will not be separated from me..
somewhere far away..


Anonymous said...

The lyrics of this song are of Yogesh and not Gulzar , who has written certain other songs of Anand.

Anonymous said...

"How i lost my golden dreams" instead of" my dreams became golden".kho gaye kaise mere sapne sunehre.

Anonymous said...

what a sad depressing song

Unknown said...

Awesome lyrics

Unknown said...

Sad & depressing yet A Masterpiece

Assorted ideas said...

Movingly smooth and mystically heavy lyrics

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