Main Laapata (Ek Tha Tiger): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: Ek Tha Tiger
Music: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: KK, Shreya Ghoshal

aankhon ko yoon band karke
dheeme dheeme gin gin ke
dhoondho hame hum hain kahan
bhoole se fasane hain,
zameen pe begaane hain,
dekho hue hum to hawa..

closing the eyes like that,
counting slowly,
find me where I am..
There are forgotten stories,
we're strangers on the earth,
see we're going away with the wind..

dil ke kinare, khwaabon ke neeche
hai khoya khoya apna jahaan
main laapata, tu laapataa...
hosh-o-havaas, hain laapata

On the edge of the heart, below the dreams,
Our world is as if lost..
I'm lost, you're lost..
(and our) senses are lost..

haan ye zid hai meri,
tujhko hi sochenge ab hum,
roshni ye teri,
khwabon mein rakhenge band hum,
haan subha kab soyi, taare kab jaage
hum bhoole hain ke, kab kya hua..

This was my insistence,
That I'd now think of you alone,
this light of yours,
I'll keep closed in my dreams..
when the morning slept and when the stars woke,
I have forgotten when all this happened..

main laapata, tu laapataa...
hosh-o-havaas, hain laapata

Le rahe the saansein,
zinda nahi the kabhi hum,
dil ye tujhko de ke,
dhadkan se waaqif hue hum
tujh mein hi gum hain,
tujh mein hi khoye,
ab dar se tere jaana kahaan..

I was breathing,
but I was never alive..
giving you the heart,
I got familiar with heartbeats..
I'm lost in you,
all lost in you only..
now where else do I have to go from your doorstep...

main laapata, tu laapataa...
hosh-o-havaas, hain laapata

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