Maine mere Jaana, Emptiness 2: Lyrics, Translation (Kaushi Diwakar)

Song: Maine Mere Jana (Emptiness 2)
Singer: Kaushi Diwakar

Tu Aaja
Tu aaja

Come here
Come here

Mujhko meri sazaa toh suna jaa
Woh aahein haan woh aansu
Mere hisse ke mujhko rula jaa

At least, tell me my punishment before going
Make me cry all the sighs and
The tears of my share

Sapne tere saare jinme main rehti thi
Tukde ban ke mere
Zakhm seene me kar gaye

All your dreams, in which I lived
becoming my pieces
have wounded in my chest

Maine mere jaana kyun nahi jaana
Ishq tera, dard tera?

O my love, why didn't I understand
your love, your pain?

Akeli akeli
Reh gayi bin tere yun akeli
Main tadpoon ya main taarsoon
Ya chali aaun main paas tere
Itni tanhai hai zindagi kho gayi

Your love, your pain
all alone
I was left alone like this without you
whether I am in agony or I long for you
or I come to you,
there is so much loneliness that the life is lost

Baatein karne saari aa rahi hoon tujhse hi
Maine mere jaana ab hai jaana
Ishq tera dard tera haaye
Maine mere jaana ab hai jaana
Ishq tera dard tera

I'm coming to talk it all with you,
I, my love, have now known
Your love, your pain
I, my love, have now known
it's your love, your pain

Tu jo gaya
Haal ye mera rehta hai
Dil ye mera
Khud se hi tanha rehta hai

as you've gone,
my condition remains like that
my heart,
remains alone on its own..

And i feel too lonely yeah
Thats a better place than this

And I'm too lonely
Thats a better place than this


Anonymous said...

Nice song when someone leaves you, it brings them back.

Unknown said...

She left away HER BF(rohan rathore) dies due to cancer.NW SHE IS IN Dilema whether to suicide or wait until he return

Anonymous said...

Wonderful heart touching

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