Tu Har Pal Aane Lagi Hai Nazar (Jaan) : Lyrics, Translation

Album: Jaan
Singer: Sonu Nigam

Tu har pal aane lagi hai nazar
Deewanapan is kadar
Mein aksar darta hoon yeh soch kar
Deewanapan is kadar
Yeh kaisa tera pyaar hai
Yeh kaisa tera pyaar hai
Yeh kaisa tera pyaar hai..

I see you all the time,
so much of madness is there..
I often fear, thinking of this,
this much of madness,
how's this love of yours..
how's this love of yours..

Nadan shayad hua hai yeh dil
Maane na kyun baat meri
Jo chahata hai woh kar jaata hai
Jab yaad aati hai teri
Yoon to kabhi, pehle na thi, haalat meri humsafar

This heart has become an idiot (in love),
doesn't listen to me..
it does what it wishes to,
when it remembers you..
my condition was never like this before..

Tu har pal..

Har saans mein ghulti khushboo hai tu
Hota hai mehsoos mujhko
Us pal meri jaan nikalne lage
Jis pal mein dekhoon na tujhko
Khwaabon mein tu, yaadon mein tu
Aankhon mein tu, tu hi tu

I feel that
you're the fragrance dissolving in every breath,
The moment I don't see you,
my life begins to get difficult..
you're in dreams, you're in memories,
you're in my eyes, you, only you are there everywhere..

Tu har pal..

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