Ye kasoor mera hai ki yaqeen kiya hai (Jism 2): lyrics Translation

Movie: Jism 2
Singer: Sonu Kakkar
Music: Mithoon
Lyrics: Mithoon

Yeh kasoor mera hai ki yaqeen kiya hai
Dil teri hi khatir rakh chhod diya hai

This is my fault that I have believed
I have left my heart just for you

Tu hi sabse qareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab
ye mehsoos kiya hai

You are the nearest to me
You are my fortune only now
I have felt this

Yeh kasoor mera hai ki yaqeen kiya hai..

Ek tu hi hai daulat meri
Haasil tu mera...
Kitni hai mohabbat tujhse
Be-hisaab wafaa
Hasraton se badhkar apni chaha tujhe hamesha

You are my wealth,
you're my achievement..
How much I love you,
My dedication for you is uncountable..
I always loved you more than my wishes

Ye kusoor mera hai ki yakeen kiya hai

Koi dard raha na dil mein
Na koi khala
Har khwahish poori hui hai
Tujhe paa jo liya
Door mujhse ho na kabhi na
Karna ye ek ehsaan

There is no pain left in the heart,
Nor any space,
Every wish is fulfilled,
now that I have got you..
Never be away from me,
just make this obligation to me once..

Yeh kasoor mera hai ki yaqeen kiya hai
Dil tere hi khaatir rakh chhod diya hai
Tu hi sabse qareeb hai mere
Tu hi mera naseeb hai ab ye mehsoos kiya hai

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Anonymous said...

awesummm songgg

Anonymous said...

Thnk you so muchhhh for the i was wondering abt the line "karna yeh ek ehsaan"..doesnt dat mean.."just do this 0ne favor..??

Anonymous said...

i absolutely should have been ''just do this one favour'' instead :)

Anonymous said...

"just do this one favour" is actually indianism its not a proper english sentence

MADY said...

AMAZINGG SONG...lyrics <3 music <3 singing <3 mind and heart blown :')

Anonymous said...

Grt song vth great meaning.. Im just luving it

Parvez said...

No words for this AMAZING song in my mind but Nice words and beautiful song***** Lovely ****

shehrozraza said...

Awesome song

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