Arima Arima meaning

Enthiran, or Robot, has some strange words in the songs. Arima Arima is one of them. The word is title of a song and interestingly it is there in all the three languages Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

That's why I thought the word could be from Tamil and tried to find out the meaning. But the word, as far as I could find out, doesn't exist even in Tamil. I know it does not exist in Hindi and don't think it might in Telugu.

So, as far as I know, Arima hardly has a meaning. Still, if you go a bit wild in searching and take into account more languages, you might find that Arima means Hill in Trinidad and Tobago where Arima is also the name of a town.

Most probably the word has been kept with the same meaning in mind as the sentence just before Arima Arima says 'ye hai yaantrik manav sabse ooncha' (this is the tallest machinic human, or robot).

So in my opinion, Arima means a hill. Any further details/suggestions are welcome.

Update: Arima is an old Tamil Word which means Lion. (Courtesy Hari)


K.Hari Kumar said...

my's a Dravidian (tamil) word and means...LION!
and its no Caribbean mumbo jumbo :P

check out -

hasta pronto

Anonymous said...

I love that song: Pagal anukan!!!!!
Its got that upbeat fabbb tune!! I love it!! Very nice song!! I love it very much, its gt the same magnetism to it as guzarish from ghajini had, when i first heard it.

WELL DONE BOLLYWOOD, tamilwood! :)

Harshit Gupta said...


Hey Hari, Thanks for the word. I tried asking some Tamil friends of mine but they had no idea, and I couldn't find the word. Now that you told, I confirmed through Google and it is true.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge here. :)

Anonymous said...

Robot songs are amazing...A.R. Rahman is fantabulous.....all i can say is, listen to the songs with passion for music...not with a mindset that it's a different language film!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey could mean "ariva" (cut or slash or chop) ...i can chop or slash 1000s. but if i get one like you, i might just leave u.

arun anand

Anonymous said...

Hi Harshit, Arima means The Lion. Its a Pure tamil word.

Harshit Gupta said...

Thanks for confirmation. Had updated it already though.

Anonymous said...

this is a bit off topic but since - there so many many tamil experts - please cculd u tell me the meaning of the lyrics of the song vizhigalilae from renigunta - i've searched so much online -just cant find it.

Harshit Gupta said...


Completely out of my range. Now it's upto the comment writers if they can help.

Unknown said...

arima means 1000 souls

Anonymous said...

hey Ananymous,

Vizhigalilae means "through the eyes"

Unknown said...

Arima means lion in tamil

Anonymous said...

gud to see so many tamils here....

SriVi said...

Hey guys, I was thinking about this, and ARIMA also refers to a statistical method to conduct predictive analysis (see
When I first saw Endhiran, I was struck by the detailed inclusion of really interesting sci-fi factoids, so I think Arima could have a double-meaning in this song. It's not the first time that double meanings have been used in Tamil lyrics, later translated into Hindi. :)

Prashanth Krishnan said...

Arima is indeed the pure Tamil word for Lion.
The Lions Club is called as "Arima Sangam" in Tamil.

What he means in the song is (I'm talking about the Tamil lyrics)- "I'm equivalent to 1000 Lions. If I get a golden deer like you, will I just let you go?!"

Vijay said...

Stuck on this page a little late. Just an additional info

Singam - common word for both genders.
Arima - specific to male gender.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Arima and it is also a town in Japan which means "having horses" and has a basque and arabic meaning (soul).

I am female but I have also heard that it is commonly a Japanese last name or a male name in Japanese. It is very cool to learn that it has a Tamil meaning as well! Thank you!

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