O Naye Insaan, Lyrics, Meaning

O naye insaan, dharti pe aa
O naye insaan, dharti pe aa

Lohe Carbon silicon jo ban*
Taaron ke jamghat se Hard disk mein yaadein lekar
Avinashi tan leke, maanav sa mann leke
Ehsaas chhe, saatva tu de jaga
Zindagi badal de
O naye insaan, dharti pe aa

O new human, come on earth,
O new human, come on earth,

Made of Iron, Carbon, Silicon
Bringing memories from the collection of stars in a hard disk,
With a body that doesn't decay, and a heart like that of human,
there are six senses, you wake the seventh,
change (our) life,
O new human, come on earth,

Badlaav ke naye, Sapne leke aa
Dharti ka bhala, Karne ko tu bana
Sach ke raah par, Chalna kar shuru
Duniya hui hai ghum, Andhiyare tu hata

Bring the new dreams of change,
You're made to do good on earth,
Start walking the path of truth,
The world is lost, you remove the dark..

Yantara yantara yantara tu yantara
Yantara yantara yantara tu yantara
Mausam mausam chaar ritu
Mere liya bus ek ritu
Chaar zamaane jaanu main
Tu jaane zabaan meri
Rog na bhog hai koi tujhe
Pet zali na dil hi dukhe
Insaan jiye jab saans chale
Tu yunhi chalta chale

Machine, Machine, Machine, you Machine (Can say Robot too)
Machine, Machine, Machine, you Machine
weather by weather there are four weathers,
For me it's just one weather,
I know four eras,
You know my promise,
You have no disease or enjoyment,
Neither belly burns nor heart aches,
Human lives when breathing works,
You keep moving just like that..

Maati ka putla
Maati milega
Akl ke bete tujhe maut nahin milni
Yeh jo mera yantra hai, isski na maar
Yeh jo mera yantra hai, isse na marna
Main rachaita srushti ka
Tu meri srushti nahin
Mard ne mard ko paidha kiya
Yeh sab jise yantra kahe
O naye insaan, dharti pe aa

Effigy made of earth,
will mix in earth,
Son of mind, you will not get death,
This machine of mine doesn't have death
This machine of mine doesn't have to die
I'm the creator of the world,
You are not my creation
man made man,
which all these call Robot,
O new human, come on earth,

Kya meri bhasha hai
Vigyan ki abhilasha hai
Tune mujhko janam diya
Tera khwab mein poora karun
Mujhko mila hai ek janam
Tujhko mile kai lakh janam
Jo yaad rahenge lakh janam
O aise mere karam

What's my language,
It's desire of Science
You gave me birth,
I'll achieve your dreams,
I've got one life,
You've got many million lives,
What you remember for a million lives,
Such should be my deeds..

Robo robo na bhulunga kabhi
Hindi hai meri pitr bhasha
Robo robo main sevak hoon tera
Chahe ban jaun main iss jag ka raja

Robo robo, I'll never forget,
Hindi is my father tongue**
Robo, Robo, I'm your servant,
Even if I become the ruler of this world..

* = Not very clear, means something similar though I guess.
** = There is only mother tongue in both Hindi n English, this most probably depicts man made man more clearly.


Sant said...

i like this song, new trend in indian cinema,a r rahman is great

Anonymous said...

What about Naina Miley and Kilimanjaro? They are great, would be great to know the exact meaning...

G.one said...

excellent song depicting the facts of robot and human and comparing each other

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