Sun le dua ye aasman: lyrics, meaning

Tu jo gayi toh soona hoga yeh jahaan
Pheeki pheeki hogi saari yeh daastan
Tumse judi hai har khushi, tere bina kya hai yahaan
Chaahein tumhein hum maange tumhe
Sun le dua yeh aasman

If you go, this world will be lonely
This whole story will be dull
All the happiness is attched with you, what's there without you here
We want you, we ask (pray) for you
Listen to this wish, o sky..

Chhote chhote khwaabon ko aa jodenge
Yeh bhi vaada na tumhein ab chhodenge
Jeena chaahe phir tere liye aankhein na pherenge
Saansein meri tu le le bhale, ab na tumhein jaane denge

We'll add up small dreams,
We also promise we'll not leave you now
We want to live for you again, we'll not turn the eyes (the other way)
Even if u take my breath (as in, ask for my life), I'll not let you go now.

PS: This whole song is in plural but many times even one person can talk in the same tense, so it can be used as singular as well.

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sunny said...

these lines are pray for him/her, these are the feelings from heart to tell how much we/i love him/her, sing for your love he/she ll never ever leave u. . , . . . . . . . . We are now apart,please pray for me,i cant live without her,she is my everything please friends pray for me. . .9815498654

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