Nazm uljhi hui hai (Gulzar): English Meaning

nazm uljhii hui hai seene mein
misre atke hue hain hothon par
udte-phirte hain titliyon ki tarah
lafz kaagaz pe baith-te hi nahii
kabse baitha hua hoon main jaanam
saade kaagaz pe likhke naam tera

bas tera naam hi mukammal hai
isse behtar bhi nazm kya hogi


The poem is entangled in my heart,
The lines are stuck on (my) lips,
They fly here and there like butterflies,
Words just don't sit on the paper,
Since when I'm sitting, o love,
With your name written on plain paper,

Your name alone is complete,
What would be a poem better than this..


Nazm - Poem
Misre - Lines of a poem
Lafz - Word
Muq'ammal / Mukammal - Complete
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