Joote Kahan Utare The: Poem Meaning

Chhoti-chhoti chhitrayi yaadein... bichhi hui hain lamho ki lawn par,
Nange paer unpe chalte-chalte itni door aa gaye hain,
ki ab bhool gaye hai joote kahaan utare the

Edi komal thi jab aaye the,
thodi si nazuk hai abhi bhi.. aur nazuk hi rahegi
In khatti-meethi yaadon ki shararat jab tak inhe gudgudati rahegi..
Sach.. Bhool gaye hain joote kahan utaare the
par lagta hai ab unki zaroorat nahi..

Small, scattered memories, are spread on the lawn of moments,
Walking bare-feet on them, (we) have come so far away,
that (we've) forgot where we had left our shoes..

The ankle was soft when we'd come
Still, it has some softness, and will remain soft,
As long as the mischief of these sweet-sour memories keeps tinkling them.
Really, We've forgot where we left our shoes,
But it seems they're not required anymore..

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