Motumaster Poem (Udaan) meaning

In Udaan, there's this wonderful song called Motumaster written by Anurag Kashyap. And there is a poem on motumaster's eating habits, qualities and possibilities, rendered by himself as far as I guess. Here is the poem and its English translation.

Har baal ki khaal ki yeh chhaal bhi kha jaaye
Iske haath padh jaaye toh mahine saal bhi kha jaaye
Kisi behaal ka bacha jo haal bhi haal kha jaaye
Bemaut marte mann ka yeh malaal kha jaaye
Lalu ka laal kha jaaye
Naxalbaari ki naal kha jaaye
Bachpan ka dhamaal kha jaaye
Budhape ki shaal kha jaye
Haya toh chodo behaya ki chaal bhi kha jaaye
aur agar parosa ja sake toh khayal bhi kha jaaye

He would even eat the covering of a hair's skin
If he gets, he'd eat even months and years
He'd eat even the remaining well-being of someone unwell
He'd even eat the sadness of an untimely dying heart
He can eat the laal of lalu (laal can mean red, the root word for lalu, it also means son)
He can eat even the barrels of naxalites (their guns)
He'd eat the fun of childhood
He'd eat the shawl of old-age
Leave aside shyness, he'd eat even the style of a shameless,
and if it's possible to put it on plate, he'll eat even a thought..


Unknown said...

But i feel its about motu master but more on the daru they were having..

Anonymous said...

Its about the rum they were having not motumaster

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