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Chhalla or Challa is such a common word in Punjabi poetry. Be it Challa India to aaya or Jab Tak Hai Jaan's Challa ki labhda phire. Challa is as such a simple thing, a ring.

However, this challa comes from the word, Jhalla, which is Hindi, used for someone who is mad, someone who's not orderly.

The meaning of Challa may vary across poetry, across compositions, however, mostly it means a young man, someone who's a little crazy, someone in love, or someone who just roams around freely.

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Anonymous said...

Challa in the song from Crook has a different meaning and is pronounced differently than challa from jab tak hai jaan. Listen to the song and you will hear the difference in pronunciation.

Challa from the movie Crook refers to a ring that you wear on your finger. It's a common term used as a promise (promise ring) between two lovers.

Challa in jab tak hai jaan is the challa you described on this site. There is a difference.

Btw Punjabi is older than Hindi so the word did not come from Hindi.

Anonymous said...

good observation! thanks for the clerification.

johannes said...

In the film's "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" song "Challa ki labh da phire" there is a choir of children singing some lines.

These lines are between the time points

3:02 and 3:19
resp. -2:18 and -2:01

Can you please tell me what the children are singing and what these lines mean in English Translation

Unknown said...

Challa is related to a punjabi real story. Punjab, Pakistan vich ik jella naam da jatt rehnda c, challa usda puttar c. jella Raavi nadi te ik kishti chlaunda c. Ik din jella bimar pai gya c, challa v jelle de naal c. lokan ne challe nu kishti chlaun lai keha. Pr challa na manneya kyoki nadi bahut bhari hoyi c. Jelle de kehan te challa chla gya, pr mur ke kde na aa skea. Jella pagal ho gya c te nadi de kinare uchi- uchi gaunda rehnnda :
ho Challa beri oye boor e, ve jaana pehle poor e

jadon oh sochda k je oh bimar na hunda ta challa naal na aunda ya je oh lokan nu challe nu kishti le k jaan lyi na kehnda, ta oh jeonda hunda, te oh fer gaun lag janda:

challa nau nau kheve, ve puttar mithde meve,
ve allah sabh nu deve, ve gall sun challeya kanvaan,
ve manvaan thandiyan chaanvan

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