Jiya Lage na Tum bin mora Lyrics Translation (Talaash)

Song: Jiya Laage Na
Movie: Talaash
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Sona Mahapatra, Ravindra Upadhyay

Mann tera jo rog hai,
Mohe samajh na aaye..
Paas hai jo sab chhod ke,
Door ko paas bulaaye..
Jiya laage na tum bin mora..

O heart, this illness of yours
I am not able to understand,
leaving all that's near,
you call for what is far away..
My heart is sad without you (O beloved)..

Kya jaane kyun hai
Kya jaane kaisi, andekhi si dor
Jo kheenchti hai, jo le chali hai
Ab yoon mujhe teri ore..

How do I know why it is so,
I don't know how is this unseen string..
that draws, that takes me away
to you now..

Main anjaani hoon woh kahaani
Hogi na jo poori
Paas aaoge to paaoge
Phir bhi hai ik doori
Jiyaa lage na tum bin mora

I'm that unknown story,
that won't be completed..
When you'll come near, you'll get (me)
but there is still a distance..
My heart is sad without you (O beloved)..

Mann ab tak jo boojh na paya
Tum woh paheli ho
Koi na jaane kya wo rahas hai
Koi na jaane kya wo rahasya hai
Jiski saheli ho

You're that riddle that the heart has not yet
been able to solve..
nobody knows what that secret is,
whose friend you are..

Main muskaaun, sabse chhupaaun
Vyaakul hoon din rain
Kab se na aayi naino mein nindiya
Mann mein na aaya chain
Jiya lage na tum bin mora

I smile, hide from everyone,
I am disturbed day and night..
since long there is no sleep in the eyes..
there is no peace for the heart,
My heart is sad without you (O beloved)..

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