Ishq Shava Lyrics Translation (Jab Tak Hai Jaan)

Movie: Jab Tak Hai Jaan
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Raghav Mathur, Shilpa Rao

Ishq shava.. mushq shava..

Love is cure, fragrance is cure,
Welcome, Welcome them..
(as in, don't hide them, enjoy them. As per a Hindi proverb, love and smell can't be hidden, and here Gulzar sir seems to be saying that one should welcome them, enjoy them, instead of trying to hide them)

Mila mila mila mila ankh milaa
Laga laga laga laga aag lagaa
Zara zara zara zara paas to aa

meet me in the eye, (prov: fall in love with me)
begin a fire.. (prov: Do something passionate)
come close a little..
Welcome, Welcome..

Ishq shavaa.. mushq shavaa..

Shauk hai shock se lagne ka
Saans mein saans uljhaa to zara

I've like to have shocks,
come, entangle my breaths in yours..

Aaj ki raat ye kiski hai
Kal ki raat teri na meri
Chaand utha chal toss karein
Chehra tera aur chaal meri

To whom does this night belong?
Tomorrow is neither yours nor mine..
Pick the moon, let's toss (to decide),
The face will be yours and turn mine..

Ishq shava.. mushq shava..

Dil dariya hai ruktaa nahin
Paani pe chal ke dekh zaraa

The heart is a river, doesn't stop,
sometime try and walk on water..

Baadalo pe paanv rakho kabhi
Unmein zameen nahin hoti

some time put a step on clouds,
there is no earth there (that would make the surface of cloud)..

Dil ki hadd behad hogi
Koi lakeer nahi hoti hai

The limit of heart would be limitless,
and there is no limit there..

Ishq shava.. Mushq shava..
khushaamdeed e marhaba..

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Anonymous said...

awsum songg with wndrfl lyrics :)

Unknown said...

You are a Wonderful translator... awesomely translated.....

Anonymous said...

Thx helps in learning Hindi

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie in India with an Indian friend and he told me that it means something like: love is like hell. Quite the opposite from the translation above.

Vijay said...

Awesome translation..... very good

Anonymous said...

Yup.. Vry nice song n nicely translated.. till today ws unable to understand dis song... Hats off to gulzar sir!!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me what the meaning of these sentences:

Pick the moon, let's toss (to decide),
The face will be yours and turn mine..


Harshit Gupta said...


The line means that the way we pick a coin to toss, to decide something with it, let's pick the moon instead of a coin, as the moon looks like a shining coin too.

There, he goes on to decide further, saying that when we toss, it'll be me who'll toss the coin and you who will decide which face, as in which side of the coin, heads or tails, would you choose as yours. That is, you'll say whether you want heads or tails, and I'll toss, and if your choice comes up, you win.

Anonymous said...

d translation is wonderful but not as good as the original one.but 'ishq shava mushq shava' r words from which language?

Anonymous said...


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