Kikkli/ Kikli Kaleer Di Meaning

Kikli Kaleer Di is a traditional Punjabi dance/game for little girls where they hold hands and keep spinning round and round.

This dance/game is actually called Kikli and Kaleer means a little girl. And since the first two lines of the song almost always go as Kikli Kaleer di, Pag mere veer di (Kikli is dance for little girls, and the turban is for my brother), the dance/game/song is commonly known as kikli kaleer di.

Here in the song from Luv Shuv tey Chicken Khurana, the traditional song is changed to Kikli kaleer di, hatt gayi heer di, ranjha kare cheat ji, kare heer kya, saying that when Ranjha cheats on love of his life Heer, what should Heer do.

Basically the words are used for two reasons, one, the words Kikli kaleer di are not just popular, they give a traditional and catchy music base to the song, and secondly, it also completes the motive of the girl in the song trying to keep thing traditional and normal, but the guy wants to change that and hence the girl complains by making change in the song.

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Vansh said...

can you plz tell me the meaning of the line neki se chale aur badee se tale what is badee se tale means.....

Harshit Gupta said...

Neki pe chalen aur badi se daren was a line of very famous song ae maalik tere bande hum, from film Do aankhen barah haath. The meaning of the line is that 'we should do good to people and keep away from being evil.'

The song is also used for morning assembly prayers in many schools.

Vansh said...

Thanks Harish it means badi word means

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