Ban Besharam - Title Song Lyrics Translation [Trailer Version]

The Translation for the FULL VERSION is HERE.

Main nanga hua to
kaahe ki kaahe ki sharam
maai baap naa hi
na koi dharam

When I got nude once,
what is there to be shy of?
I don't have any parents,
nor any religion..

Tedhe medhon se kadak
Seedhe saadon se naram
Fun harfanmaula hardum

(I am) harder than the most difficult
(difficult people to deal with)
and softer than the simplest ones
Always fun and allrounder..

Aaja sab ko dikha de ban besharam
Dil khol seena taane ban besharam
aaja thumka laga le ban besharam
Dil khol seena taane ban besharam

Come show everyone be shameless,
With an open heart n pride, be shameless.
Come have a dance, be shameless,
Wholeheartedly, with pride, be shameless.

Be is for Beimaan,
Sha is for Shaitaan,
Rum pi ke cheete hum,

'Be' is for Be-imaan [that is dishonest],
'Sha' is for Shaitaan [Satan, evil]
And we live on rum,
So Besharam.

[This is not the actual meaning of Besharam, but a made up one. The actual meaning of the word is Shameless. For explanation see HERE.]


Anonymous said...

It's not 'ram ji ke cheete hum' . . Its rum pi ke jeete hum . . ;)

Unknown said...

yeah,,,rum peeke jeete ham

Unknown said...

yeah its.....rum pike jeete ham...
do hear it ageN

Anonymous said...

Admin y dont u give the translation for full lyrics naa

mukesh said...

nice song and keep full lyrics and traslation as early as possible

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