Zara Chhoone De: Acer Ad Jingle [Lucky Ali] Lyrics Translation

Windows 8 has been high on music for past some time. First it was I wanna be, then Sona's Kyun darta hai tu yaar, and now it's Lucky Ali, who sings for an ad jingle in long long time. This ad is for Acer, and has to be for their touch series. That you can see from the lyrics. Here are the lyrics along with the translation, and a soundcloud link posted by the singer himself.

Kachcha pakka ehsaas ho chhoone se
Khaamoshi bhi bol uthe chhoone se.
khwaahishen angdaayi lein chhoone se.
manzilen ho aasaan chhoone se

o.. Zaraa chhoone de mujhe,
O.. Mujhe chhoone de..

There is a slight feeling that comes from a touch,
even silence speaks up on a touch..
wishes begin to turn with a touch..
destinations become easy to reach with a touch..

O.. Let me touch, a little..
O.. Let me touch..

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