Naagin Dance/ Nagin Dance Meaning

Naagin dance, literally dance of a female snake, is a dance based on a snake's movements as made by them while 'listening' to a been or pungi, an Indian music instrument, which is famous for this snake dance only.

Apparently, this is said that snakes can't hear this music [though they actually hear vibrations, just can't hear the music as we hear it, they listen mostly through their bellies and it sounds mostly mumbled to them, not a topic for here] and they look at the been and dance follow its end. However, I haven't personally seen them dance like that, except in movies.

Anyway, this particular dance has been famous in Indian snake-movies, where the snake woman used to perform this dance in snake as well as human form. And that dance, along with that part of music is famous have become famous as Nagin dance and its music.

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