Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari: Lyrics Translation [Chennai Express]

Movie: Chennai Express [All Song Translations]
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: Arijit Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, Neeti Mohan

Chipak-chipak kay chaltee hain kabhi-kabhi do raahein
Jude-jude kuchh aise ki lagaa ho jaise gum
Double-double hotee thi jo kabhi-kabhi takleefein
Kisi ke sang mein chalne say hui half se kam
Teraa meraa meraa teraa, tera mera mera tera kissaa atrangee
Kabhi-kabhi chaltee hai kabhi-kabhi ruktee kahaani bedhangee

Sometimes, two paths go sticking to each other, [in parallel]
Sticking as if there is gum between them,
Sometimes when the troubles used to be double,
They have become less than half [as troubling] with someone walking together..
Yours n mine, mine n yours, our story is colorful..
Sometimes it goes, and sometimes stops, our strange story..

Kashmir main tu kanyakumari
North-South ki kat gayi dekho doori hi saari
Kashmir tu main kanyakumari
Fifty-fifty har situation mein hissedaari..

I'm Kashmir and you're Kanyakumari
[both being the extreme ends of India]
All the distance of North and South is now over..
I'm Kashmir and you're Kanyakumari
We have a share of fifty-fifty in every situation..

Ek taraf to jhagdaa hai, saath phir bhi tagdaa hai
Do kadam chaltay hain to lagtaa hai aath hain
Do tarah ke flavor, sau tarah ke tevar
Dar-badar phirte hain ji phir bhi apnee ThaaTh hai

On one hand there is a fight, still, our companionship is strong..
If we walk two steps, it feels like eight..
Two types of flavors, and hundreds of moods,
We wander like vagrants, still we enjoy fully..
[Darbadar is literally door-to-door. However, the meaning here is not literal.]

kabhi-kabhi chale seedhe, kabhi mud jaayein
kabhi-kabhi kahin tootein kahin jud jaayein
Hum shaam-seher ke, chaaron pahar ke, mood mein dhal jaayein..

Sometimes we walk straight, sometimes we turn..
Sometimes we break, and sometimes we get together again..
We mould in the moods of morning, evening, all the times of a day..

Kashmir main tu kanyakumari
Uttar ne Dakshin ko aflaatoon aankh maari
Kashmir tu main kanyakumari
Tel bechne jaaye to phir ye duniya saaree..

I'm Kashmir and you're Kanyakumari
North has winked to South eccentrically..
I'm Kashmir and you're Kanyakumari
Now let the whole world go to hell..

Main zaraa sa puncture to tu hawaa ke jaisi hai
Saath ho to pahiye takdeeron ke tight hon
Bulb ban jaloon main aur tu switch ban jaaye
Bhaad mein jaaye duniyaa apni battee right ho

If I am [some time] a small puncture, then you're like air [to fill in],
If we're together, the wheels of fortune will remain tight..
I should burn like a bulb, and you should be the switch,
let the world go to hell, our light should be good..

kabhi-kabhi chale seedhay kabhee mud jaayein
kabhi-kabhi paidal, kabhee ud jaayein
Humein dekh zamaane waalon ki chaahe naak sikud jaaye..

Sometimes we walk straight, sometimes we turn..
Sometimes we walk, and sometimes we fly..
Even if seeing us, the world makes faces..

Kashmir main tu kanyakumari
Halke-phulke packet mein dekho mushkil bhaari
Kashmir tu main kanyakumari
Hindi mein gustaakhi hai to English mein sorry..

I'm Kashmir and you're Kanyakumari
A big problem in a light packet..
I'm Kashmir and you're Kanyakumari
It's gustaakhi in Hindi and sorry in English..

[gustaakhi means effrontry, See THIS POST for detail.]


Unknown said...

Check out title song for chennai express http://www.mp3-city.com/music/listenmusic/12/chennai-express--title-track----chennai-express----songspk-cc.html

Unknown said...

what is growing in the hills? what are they harvesting?

Harshit Gupta said...


It's most probably Tea. Ive not checked very keenly but they look like tea plantations. Just for an idea tea is planted in hills, a lot in North east India, and some in South too, near Ooty etc. It may be an area somewhere in or nearby Ooty, as that's not too far from Chennai.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your reply. I did think it might be tea.
Wherever the location is, it is very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The location was Munnar, Kerala. :D

Anonymous said...

Munnar, Kerala! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice song lyrics, and lovely rythm! I have been dancing all day on it at work ! Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation. In my complex Durga Puja (I am a Bengali) we are performing our dance this year (2013) on this song. I know the song by heart but I wanted to know the meaning of the song, so that I know what I am dancing to.

Harshit Gupta said...


Thanks for the comment. Such comments are what keeps us going. Thanks a lot.

MyKids'Mom said...

Will you explain why you translated "tel bechne jaye duniya sari" as "may the world go to hell"? Thanks.

Harshit Gupta said...

Well, tel lene jaana is a Hindi proverb which roughly translates to 'to go to hell', though in a lighter, non abusive tone.

Here, they have modified it a bit, but the context is the same.

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