Tere Mere Beech Mein: Lyrics Translation [Shudh Desi Romance]

Movie: Shuddh Desi Romance
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Sunidhi Chauhan

Hey sun sun le na
Sun mera kehna tu
O Gaflat mein
Gaflat mein na rehnaa tu

Hey listen, listen please..
listen to what I say
O don't be in forgetfulness..

Haan jo din tere dil ke honge
To ho ke meri rehna
Tu abhi bhi soch samajh le
Ke phir ye na kehnaa
Ki tere mere beech mein kyaa hai
Ye tere mere beech mein kyaa hai
Hmm chaddar..

If there are days of your wish,
then be mine..
You still have time to think,
then don't say later -
what's there between you n me..
what's this between you n me..

chaddar khaddar ki
Armaan hain resham ke
Mili milee ho zara
khili khili hai flying
Chali chali hai meri love life
Mili milee ho zara
Khili khili hai literally
Silly hai meri love life
Tere mere beech mein

The bedsheet is made of cotton
And the dreams are made of silk
You've just met..
The flying has just blossomed..
My love life has just begun..
You've just met,
and it's literally blossomed..
my love life, is silly..
Between you n me...

Tere mere beech mein kabhi jo raaz ho koi
Dhoop mein chhipi chhipi kaheen jo raat ho koi
Tere mere beech mein kabhi jo baat ho koi
Jeet mein chhipi chhipi kaheen pe maat ho koi

Between you n me, if there is ever a secret,
if there is ever a night hiding in sunlight,
If there is an issue between you n me..
If there is a loss hidden between the victory..

Poochhunga haule se
Haule se hi jaanunga
Jaanunga main haule se tera har armaan
Aha.. armaan khule hain
Ziddi bulbulein hai

I'll ask you slowly,
I'll know slowly too..
I'll know slowly, every wish of yours..
Ah, wishes are open
Like stubborn songbirds..

Mili milee ho zara
Khili khili hai flying
Chali chali hai meree love life

Mili milee ho zara
Khili khilee hai literally
Silly hai meree love life
Chali chalee hai meree love life

[Apologies for the mistake in the line armaan hain resham ke. That was a blunder. Corrected now. Thanks for all the comments.]


Anonymous said...

Its armaan, not aur maa.

SasRav said...

Hahahaha..yeah true..its armaan..couldnt stop laughing.. "and mother is silk" wtf! :D

Anonymous said...

Seriouslyyyy... Mother of silk :D :D

Anonymous said...

Finally chali hai meri love life & not flying chali chali hai...

Anonymous said...

Its sili hai meri love lyf nd nt silly :p

Unknown said...

so dump.. its armaan not aur maa..

mom is of silk ?

ha ha..

Anonymous said...

Bloody language :O how can the indian people understand it! Oh my God :O

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